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Andy Coutts

Vice President, Skyline Capital Projects Management Inc.

Andy Coutts Vice President, Skyline Capital Projects Management Inc.

Andy leads the capital expenditures (CAPEX) team in managing all projects related to large-scale building renovations and retrofits across Skyline Group of Companies’ real estate investment portfolios. Andy and his team oversee all aspects of each project from beginning to end, including budgeting, quoting for work, and project management and oversight. These projects can span from mechanical retrofits, such as elevators and boilers; to roof, window, door and asphalt work; to balcony, parking lot, pool, and lobby renovations. Andy also oversees the capital due-diligence process as it pertains to acquisitions in order to formulate capital expenditure plans once the properties are owned by Skyline.

More recently, Andy’s team has taken on the role of construction oversight for any new build projects being developed by SkyDev. Their responsibilities in this capacity include working with the development team, consultants, and general contractors to deliver a deficiency-free, high-quality product to each respective REIT.

Andy was the very first Skyline employee, having been hired in 2001 by Skyline’s Co-Founders Jason Castellan, Martin Castellan, and R. Jason Ashdown. At that time, Andy helped Skyline manage approximately 40 student rental houses, along with a handful of Skyline’s first apartment properties. Taking on superintendent, mechanical, construction, and property management work for these properties, Andy put in his fair share of hours driving the Skyline van to the properties, cutting the grass, and meeting with tenants and their families along with the Skyline owners. As Skyline’s apartment assets grew, Andy became a regional Property Manager for three years, and then moved into his CAPEX role in 2005.

Prior to joining Skyline Andy worked in the institutional construction field with experience in framing, carpentry, and site supervision. Andy brought a valuable connection with trades to Skyline, along with the first-hand experience to evaluate the proper execution of capital projects. His expertise and insight have fostered long-term service relationships with contractors. Andy welcomes the variety and challenges that accompany his role and still appreciates the physical, hands-on aspect of visiting the properties and evaluating them first-hand.

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