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Rogan Cobban

Supervisor, CAPEX Administration, Skyline Capital Projects Management Inc.

Rogan Coban Supervisor, CAPEX Administration, Skyline Capital Projects Management Inc.

Rogan oversees all administration processes for capital expenditure projects within Skyline Apartment REIT, Skyline Commercial REIT, and Skyline Retail REIT. Leading a team of Capex Administrators and Coordinators, Rogan ensures the accurate, efficient, and timely facilitation of project budgets, filing and tracking systems, contractor purchase orders, and tenant-facing communications.

In her role, Rogan ensures that the real estate properties within Skyline’s three REIT investment funds are competitively positioned in the marketplace through high-quality, expertly facilitated upgrade projects.

Rogan joined Skyline in 2011 and has since grown within the company. Her first role as Skyline’s receptionist allowed her to gain a deep understanding of the various departments and processes within Skyline Group of Companies, and how they worked interdependently. Having forged valuable connections within the multi-residential side of Skyline’s business, she subsequently moved into the role of Property Management Administrator for a portfolio of apartment properties managed by Skyline Management Inc. (now Skyline Living). In 2013, Rogan transitioned to the company’s Capex team, taking on a role as Capex and Commercial Administrator. She was promoted to Capex Coordinator in 2015, and Supervisor, Capex Administration in 2018.

Rogan’s longevity within Skyline serves as a valuable asset in her role, especially as its funds and businesses continue to grow and expand. She credits strong working relationships with entities and colleagues outside of the Capex department as key to gaining a more holistic understanding of the business and encourages these connections among her team.

An enthusiastic participant in Skyline’s volunteer and sustainability initiatives, Rogan is a tenured ambassador of the Skyline Group of Companies brand–not only from a business standpoint, but in terms of its employee culture and key values of professionalism, drive, integrity, respect, and efficiency (P.R.I.D.E.).

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