70 Fountain Street East

75 Farquhar Street, Guelph, Ontario

This iconic development is proposed next to the heart of Downtown Guelph with mid-century modern architecture directly beside the Guelph Central Station and Bus Hub. This investment will provide for rental apartments, office space, and retail in Guelph’s first truly mixed use, transit oriented, pedestrian oriented development. First class residential and office space will share an amenity level with rooftop outdoor space overlooking the City. This type of investment downtown provides more people working living and shopping in the downtown core and will be a significant contributor to the long-term vibrancy of the downtown area and the City of Guelph. Please join us in showing your support as planning applications are advanced.

Guelph's Housing Challenge.

Like many thriving communities across this province, Guelph faces a growing housing crisis. A serious lack of housing stock, across all income levels, has placed considerable pressure on the housing market, driving home prices up, and saddling Guelph with one of the province’s worst vacancy rates.

It’s getting harder to find a place to call home.

Guelph has one of the lowest vacancy rates in the country -- at 1.4% it is almost half of the national average of 2.4%

  1. The low vacancy rate creates intense competition which drives up the cost of housing.
  2. Around 41 per cent of tenant households in Guelph are spending more than 30% of their household income on shelter costs.
  3. 2019 saw the highest average sales price ever for homes in Guelph’s real estate market for September, increasing nearly 5% versus 2018.

Limited access to a place to live is a drag on our local economy -- it makes Downtown Guelph a less attractive place to invest and means fewer opportunities for our young people to build a life and career in the community they grew up in. Skyline is focused on being an engaged, long-term partner in the community, focused on sustainability – unlike a traditional condominium developer looking to sell and be out, we’re in it for the long haul.

New Housing Creates New Opportunities.

Skyline’s proposed development will deliver 180 units of new, much needed, rental housing stock to downtown Guelph by 2026.

  1. A robust, affordable, housing market attracts new business investment.
  2. This is a potential 100 million investment in our community – more people working, living, and shopping in our downtown creates jobs and boosts our economy.
  3. More housing and retail near the downtown transit hub will make a real positive impact on transit ridership and limit our community’s environmental footprint.
  4. More housing provides our young people with more opportunity to live, work and build a family here instead of taking their talents elsewhere.

For more information: Greg Jones President, SkyDev T. 519.826.0439 x173 gjones@skylineonline.ca Or visit: Skydev.ca